Immigration Policy Update: USCIS Proposes Regulations to Increase Fees

Several months ago, USCIS proposed regulations that would dramatically increase fees for several types of immigration applications and, for the first time, impose fees for applying for asylum (time-sensitive protection from persecution).

The regulations would also eliminate fee waivers for some application types. And on top of all of that, USCIS has now stated that the coronavirus pandemic has created budget shortfalls and is seeking a bailout and a 10% surcharge on all existing immigration visa petitions and benefits*. Vulnerable immigrants already face many challenges, and this rule will only make things harder. Initiatives like this are why Ayuda’s work is needed now more than ever. 

At Ayuda,we will always stand with immigrants and believe an immigrant’s financial situation should not stop them from having the opportunity to have a better life. Our country is a place where people escape everything they know to have a better life for themselves and their families. 

We must continue the work that we do, fight against unfair rulings, and work together to practice the values we preach and ensure that immigrants can build and maintain the lives they deserve. We invite you to join us in this fight.

*Above is a graphic breaking down these new proposed fees. To get the most recent updates about this rule and to learn more about it, click here.